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A Nowpage is a public declaration of priorities. It is where you state to yourself and to others what you are currently focusing on now. The nowpage movement has been started by Derek Sivers. Many people have begun to add nowpages to their own websites. Many find it an uplifting and valuable thing to do and say it helps them focus. With you can easily generate your own Nowpage.

What I’m doing now

J. R. Seikowsky

Currently I'm the CTO of Guidelighter - a peer to peer online marketplace for personal mentoring, advice and guidance. You can take a peak at That means that I do all the programming and development work around here. Despite my role as CTO I have never set foot in a Computer Science lecture, which is something I simultaneously regret and am proud of. Instead my formal education is in Economics. I hold a Bachelor in "Economics and Management" from the University of Oxford. The stuff with computers I mostly taught myself through trial and error. Generally I have a wide range of interests and can pretty much be interested in anything as long as there's something to figure out. Right now I'm figuring out how to make Guidelighter great for its users.


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